Saving Money

Your income pays for the bills, loans, insurances, tuition, car maintenance, and other fixed expenses that plague you month after month. That’s why we work, isn’t it? To be able to live comfortable lives by letting our wages fit perfectly into our spending habits.

That last line? Have you noticed what’s wrong with it? There are two misconceptions about income that many Australians today, unfortunately, live by. Work to spend, and work to spend. No more, no less. The second misconception has to do with the term “fit perfectly.” It’s exact and tighlined for your fixed expenditures.

Alternately, we’re here to help you envision, and ultimately, practice spending habits that are in line with saving habits. is here to aid in bridging the gap between you and a reality where you’ll have a regular stream of your finances pouring into a bank account.

When You Don’t Save

Our financial advisors have come up with a collated list of the downside of not saving. They may not always lead to tragic ends. Still, they’re regrettable and sad, nonetheless.

Financial + Emotional Stress

When you’re merely reaching the bare minimum, earning so that you can pay for utilities, rent, and whatnot, it can be stressful. And a continuous experience of this kind of financial stress will take its toll on you, whether you realise it or not.

Soon, you’ll be constantly worried, or worse, aggravated at your situation. Having to withdraw your income only to have them melt away in the abyss of your monthly spendings. Work will become a drag. At the same time, self-trust and happiness will teeter at the brink, too. You’ll have a tougher time learning to love your job and will only be in the grind to survive.


Emergency situations, or even sudden holiday getaways, and a retirement plan, they’ll have you hanging on by a thread if you don’t have savings to your name. Which then, will lead to a deeper problem. Debt accumulation.

The Importance Of Saving Money

A Secure Future

Having savings will allow you to rest a bit more easily in knowing that your future is secure. One of the reasons why wants to urge you to save is so that you’ll finally have something else to work towards. Your bills? Those are a given. We’re talking about your future.

Extra Funds

Whenever someone in the family gets sick, or when there are immediate expenses required for a school trip for your kids, the list goes on, having extra funds will answer this dilemma. On the contrary, family outings and pampering yourself will be a breeze.

Financial Independence

This isn’t only with respect to paying off loans, and finally being able to support yourself without relying on them anymore. This is also about relying on something else other than your current main source of income— your salary. Having diversity in your financial resources is a plus factor in that you can start setting aside savings intended for investments.